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All the texts in English

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Bishop Consecration

Dear Friends, English speaking.

You will find here all the texts we actualy have in English.


ND de Fatima

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OCR - The Order of Corporate Meeting : A secret clerical Order penetrating the Catholic church and acting at the top of High Church Anglican since Pope Pius IX

The abbot Scott ( SSPX) rejects the theory of the " likely validity " of ordinations and professes the catholic doctrine of the "tutiorisme" (moral principle according to which it is necessary to act according to the opinion imposing the heaviest obligations)

In the number 1 of September, 2007 of the The Angelus magazine of SSPX in United States, the abbot Scott, then still the superior of the seminary of the SSPX in Australia, approach the very current question of the re-ordination of the false conciliar priests who wish to join the SSPX..

Abbé Peter Scott Fr. Peter SCOTT

New Bishops, Empty Tabernacle - (2007) - by Rev.Anthony Ceka

SSPX’s French District publishes an editorial defending the 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration.

New Bishops, Empty Tabernacle
Rev Anthony Cekada

Abbé Celier An editorial by Abbé Grégoire Celier (left) published by the SSPX French District employs some novel and (frankly) weird principles to defend the validity of the 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration.
Rev. Anthony Cekada — May 2007

The 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration: "Still Null and Still Void"

Replies to objections from Br. Ansgar Santogrossi,
Fr. Pierre-Marie de Kergorlay and Fr. Alvaro Calderon
Rev. Anthony Cekada — 2007

The 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration: "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void"

The 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration
Rev. Anthony Cekada — 2006




Maureen Day, formerly a nun, questions the validity of the New Ordination Rite (NOR) which has been
adopted as part of the ‘modernisation’ of the Catholic Church under Vatican II. Priests entering the
modernist (conciliar) church after 1968/9 are ordained under the NOR. Day argues in this letter to Bishop
Fellay of the Econe Seminary (Society of Pius X), Switzerland that their validity as Roman Catholic Priests
is doubtful.
MAUREEN DAY – The New Ordination Rite (1995 Letter of Day to Mgr Felllay)

The Post-Conciliar Rite of Orders

Rama P. Coomaraswamy, M.D.


Introducing the website RORE SANCTIFICA - -

February 2- 2006, Feast of the Purification of the most Holy Virgin Mary
Fr. Paul Schoonbroodt


Bibliothèque Monastique

Anglicanism - Rites / Anglicanism - Non Validity of the orders / Anglicanism - History and Conspiracy

Dossier1595 - Pontificalum Romanum (latin - english)

Latin text and English translation of Pontifical Romanum princeps editio (1595-1596). The English translation is of Joseph Oliveri (2004).

DossierCopte Church

Comment in preparation

Comment in preparation

  1. The Arab Conquest of Egypt (1902) Alfred J. Butler

Comment in preparation

  1. The Church of Abyssinia - (1928) Harry Middelton HYATT


Dossier1909 - E. Bishop - Oxford - Journal of Theological Studies

Comment in preparation

Dossier1911 - E. Bishop - Oxford - Journal of Theological Studies

Comment in preparation

Dossier1917 - J.H. Srawley - Oxford - Church Orders

Comment in preparation

Dossier1934 - Burton Scott Easton - Apostolic tradition of Hippolyte

Comment in preparation


DossierHippolyte de Rome (text English-Latin-Greek)

Comment in preparation

Dossier1969- Omlor - Questioning the validity (Presbyters)

Appeared in March 1969, this study of Patrick Henry Omlor question the validity of the new form of the Mass come into effect on October 22 1967 at the United States a vernacular translation in English. By doing this it studies the criteria of validity in the theology of the sacraments.

DossierTestamentum Domini

Comment in preparation

  1. DossierTestamentum translated (english)


    1. The Testament of the Lord - English - page 36.jpg
    2. Ordination of Bishop - English - page 37.jpg
    3. The Testament of the Lord - English - page 38.jpg
    4. Appointment of a Priest - English - page 39.jpg
    6. THE SYNODICON IN THE WEST SYRIAN TRADITION - English - Testa-Translated.jpg

Dossier1976-1991 - Hippolyte, testamentum (text English)

Comment in preparation

DossierDom Lambert BeauduinspacerDom Lambert Beauduin

Comment in preparation

  1. «QUITSLUND», S. A.: Beauduin: A Prophet Vindicated (Book Review) ,
    Theological Studies, 34:4 (1973:Dec.) - p.701 (notice)

DossierAnnibale Bugnini  spacerAnnibale Bugnini

Comment in preparation


Dossier1990-09 - Susan Wood - Sacramentality of Episcopal Consecration (Dom Botte)

Article of Susan Wood in September 1990 on the sacramentality of the episcopate. Comment on the designs of Dom Boot and the collegial structure, Susan Wood lends to him an abandonment of the design of the episcopal dedication like transmission of the episcopate of a consecrator to a ordinand, with the profit of a new design which would see there a gift of the Spirit for all the Church. English text.

Dossier1992-N°119 - Bonum Certamen - Fr. Moureaux

Fr. Moureaux declares invalid the episcopal dedication in the new rite by absence of significance of the capacity of Order, by similarity with the Anglicans and explains that Spiritus principalis does not appoint the Holy Ghost. Article published in January-February 1992 in the numéro119 of "Bonum Certamen".

English translation of the two studies of Fr. Moureaux in the n°118 and 119 of "Bonum Certamen".

Dossier1995 - Maureen Day - Letter to Bishop Fellay

An anglophone nun, Maureen Day, address in December 1995 a study of the new ritual of ordination of the priests. It shows disability and refutes of it the objections which are opposed to him, in particular the argument of Coptes. It shows the analogy with the disability of the Orders Anglicans and the arguments which justified the judgment of these Kinds per Leon XIII in 1896 (Bubble Apostolicae Curae).

English original text.

DossierAnton Baumstarckspacer Anton Baumstark

Comment in preparation

Comment in preparation

  1. P.I.O. 2001 - Acts of the International Congrees "COMPARATIVE LITURGY FIFTY YEARS AFTER ANTON BAUMSTARK (1872-1948)" - Rome, 25-29 September 1998 -
    001 - Tables, Introduction -
  2. P.I.O. 2001 - Acts of the International Congrees "COMPARATIVE LITURGY FIFTY YEARS AFTER ANTON BAUMSTARK (1872-1948)" - Rome, 25-29 September 1998 -
    282 - Bryan D. Spinks : "Evaluating Liturgies of the Reformation :
    The Limitations of the Comparative Methods of Baumstark"
    - English
  3. P.I.O. 2001 - Acts of the International Congrees "COMPARATIVE LITURGY FIFTY YEARS AFTER ANTON BAUMSTARK (1872-1948)" - Rome, 25-29 September 1998 -
    612 - Paul F. Bradshaw : "The Problems of a New Edition of the Apostolic Tradition" - English

Dossier1998 - Johannes Dörmann

Dörmann "s Trinitarian Theology on JPII's Misconceptions (English and original German)

Copy of pp.86-139 of the original German Dörman's book about the Trinitarian Trilogy and the deviant JP2 teachings on this topic, published in 1998 in Sitta Verlag Senden-Westfally.
Copy of the English translation of these pages, published in 2003 by Angelus Press in US.
These texts are illustrations of the deviant and un-catholic post-conciliar concepts about The most holy Trinity that prevailed for the making by Lécuyer and Dom Botte of the very wording of the new sacramental form of the bishop's consecration.
This invalid form includes indeed heretical views on the Trinity.


Dossier2001 - Coomaraswamy (Post-conciliare rite of Ordinations)

Study of Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy, Is the apostolic succession intact ?

English original text.


Dossier2003 - Pontificalis Romani (English)

Text in double column (Latin and English) of the ritual of dedication of a bishop (editio typica of 1968 and editio will altera of 1990). The translation in English is of Joseph Oliveri (2003).

Dossier2005-02 - Father Campbell - Texas Sermon

February 27, 2005, Father Campbell, in Texas, denounces the rejection of the apostolic Constitution Sacramentum Ordinis of Pie XII (1947) and explains why Jean-Paul II promulgated a document carrying the same title.

Dossier2005-04 - CSI - Synthesis

Synthesis in diaporama of the demonstration of disability of the new rite by Internet site CSI, May 3, 2005.

English Diaporama.

Dossier2006-02 - Thilo Stopka - Texts for Rédemptoristes (Scotland) - At has glance (English)

English study of Thilo Stoka, for the Rédemptoristes Fathers in Scotland, and refuting the article of number 54 of «Sel de la terre» ("Salt of the earth").

Dossier2006-03-25 - Father Cekada - Study

Synthetic and very structured study (in English) of Fr. Cekada showing the intrinsic disability of the new form of episcopal dedication of 1968. The author shows that the new rite does not answer the two criteria required infallibly by Pie XII in Sacramentum Ordinis (1947) for the validity of a rite of an essential form of a rite of episcopal dedication (absence of significance of the capacity of a episcopal Nature and absence of significance of the grace of the Holy Ghost). The author quotes anecdotes which show that Archbishop Lefebvre was thwarted by Fr. Schmidberger (false argument of the Eastern rites). Fr. Cekada begins again largely on his account, in a synthetic and professional way, the plan and the general argumentation of Notitiae ex Rore III and his Appendices (put on line since February 7, 2006 which refuted the article of the n°54 point by point «Sel de la terre» ("Salt of the earth") of the Pierre-Marie Brother, autumn 2005). Fr. Cekada introduces complements to completely refute in his turn the article published by the Pierre-Marie Father, whose translation is been published in two articles of the American review "The Angelus" in December 2005 and January 2006. Fr. Cekada was ordered by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1977; he teaches moral and sacramental Theology, the Canon law, and the Liturgy with the Seminar of the Very Holy Trinity with Brooksville in Florida.


Dossier2006-04-26 - Fr. Cekada - French "Radio Courtoisie"

Verbatim of radiophonic maintenance. Interviewed by Serge de Beketch Wednesday April 26, 2006 on "Radio Courtesy", Fr. Cekada presented his study of March 25 2006 which shows the disability of the rite of episcopal dedication promulgé on June 18, 1968 (Pontificalis Romani). The sales leaflet of this study, commun run mainly with that of the studies of "Rore Sanctifica", refutes the article of the writers of «Sel de la terre» ("Salt of the earth") (number 54), signed by the Father Pierre Marie.

Dossier2007-01-20 - Fr. Cekada - « Still Null and Still Void »

Description by the author         Abbé CEKADA         Father Antony Cekada, Ordained Priest by Archbishop Lefebvre

IN MARCH 2006, I published “Absolutely Null and Utterly Void,” a 14,000-word study that examined the validity of the new Rite of Episcopal Consecration promulgated in 1968 by Paul VI. As should be evident from the title of the article, I concluded that the new rite was invalid.

         A number of things led me to write the article: A considerable number of “approved” traditional Latin Masses are now offered under the auspices of dioceses or organizations such as Fraternity of St. Peter or the Institute of Christ the King, and the priests involved trace their ordinations to bishops consecrated in the new rite. If these bishops were not true bishops, the priests they ordained are not priests, and the faithful who assist at their Masses adore and receive only bread.
         Moreover, since the election of Benedict XVI in the April 2005 conclave, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has been negotiating with the Vatican for its reintegra-tion into the Conciliar Church. Because many tradi-tionalists doubt the validity of the post-Vatican II sac-ramental rites, and indeed because Benedict XVI had been consecrated a bishop in the new rite, the SSPX superiors invited Dominican cleric in their orbit, Fr. Pierre-Marie de Kergorlay OP, to produce an article demonstrating that the new rite of episcopal consecra-tion was valid.
         Fr. Pierre-Marie’s study first appeared in Fall 2005 in the traditionalist Dominicans’ quarterly «Sel de la Terre». SSPX promptly had it translated and printed in the SSPX’s English-language publication, «The Angelus», under the title of “Why the New Rite of Episcopal Consecration is Valid.”
         My own article addressed Fr. Pierre-Marie’s main arguments. It was in turn translated into French and widely circulated in France, thanks to the efforts of Rore Sanctifica, a group of European traditionalists who have dedicated themselves to serious theological research into the new rite, and published a vast amount of studies and documentation demonstrating its invalidity.
         I subsequently produced a two-page résumé in-tended for popular circulation (also translated and cir-culated in France) entitled “Why the New Bishops are Not True Bishops.” I also managed (somehow) to give two interviews about the subject on French radio, and I personally sent copies of the article to the French-speaking members of SSPX slated to participate in the July 2006 General Chapter.
         Several critical responses to the article have ap-peared. However, as of this writing (December 2006), only three writers have raised substantive issues that I believe need to be addressed:

The debate over the validity of the new rite of epis-copal consecration centers on its essential sacramental form — the words in a sacramental rite necessary and sufficient to produce the effect of the sacrament.


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