Introducing the website RORE SANCTIFICA

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on earth?
Luke XVIII, 8

Ever since Vatican II and its changes, it has been obvious that the new faith has nothing
whatsoever in common with the Faith of all times. The more this Council and the following
disorders are studied, the more it appears that Vatican II destroyed everything and generated a
new religion of a Gnostic nature.

How can anyone fail to understand that La Salette’s prophecy
“Rome will lose the Faith and will become the seat of the Antichrist” is being realized before our
eyes to the letter,?

The Enemy intends to triumph at any cost. First of all he means to destroy all the Sacraments in
order to dry up the channels of Grace. By annulling the validity of the Episcopal consecrations,
the new rite produces only pseudo-bishops and priests. Therefore the Masses are invalid, there
are neither Consecrations nor absolutions, and the faithful who participate in this new religion are
not Catholics any more. This attack is far more serious than the one launched with the Novus
Ordo Missae. The evil resulting from probably the worst attack on the Church in its history is

As soon as the new ritual of consecration was promulgated, a few theologians – unfortunately
without substantial means of disseminating their works – were uneasy and raised serious doubts
about it- to no avail, since their protests were suffocated under a wall of silence.

The recent papal conclave reopened this debate providing an opportunity to resume historical and
theological research about the Pontificalis Romani.

The “International Committee of Scientific Research on the origins and validity of "Pontificalis
, has just concluded its preliminary investigations. The gravity of its findings makes It is
imperative to publicize the gravity of its findings, both for the good of the faithful and for the
honor of the Holy Church, which should not be mistaken for the church established by the same
criminals who promulgated the abominations of Vatican II. It is not enough to simply despise and
disdain its writings in such a crucial question as this one?

Here are the Committee’s first findings. Hopefully others will follow, which we encourage all to

May this work be blessed by the Holy Virgin Mary, who “alone destroyed all heresies” (Mass
Salve Sancta parens).

“Heaven and earth will pass away but Mywords will not pass away” (Luke, XXI, 33)

February 2- 2006, Feast of the Purification of the most Holy Virgin Mary

Fr. Paul Schoonbroodt